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44 Glebe Rd., Conception Bay South, NL   A1X 2J2   Canada    

(709) 728-3323

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Management Support Services is a small business itself and is committed to assisting other small businesses.

We began in 2004 when we started out doing simple websites for local clients. In the years since, we have grown our client base and become involved in numerous projects - among them, publication services - hence our MSS Publications’ logo on our website. Recently, we have decided to discontinue doing websites and concentrate more on our professional & business support area.

We have experience in commercial photography; desktop publishing; computer support; business support (from taxes to legal concerns - hence, our affiliate Law Depot ads on this page); and business presentations.

Please take a few  minutes to look through our website - especially under the “Services” tab and see how we may be of assistance to your small business.

MSS (management support services)