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We began in 2004 when we started out doing simple websites for local clients. In the years since, we have grown our client base and become involved in numerous projects. Of course, we still do websites - but we feel that we can give you a lot more in a website today then we were able to provide years ago.

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MSS is a small business itself and is committed to assisting other small businesses

We have also had experience in commercial photography; some desktop publishing (including business cards); computer support; business support (from simple taxes to looking after legal concerns); and business presentations - just check out this service by clicking the tab in the menu above.

Please take a tour of our website and see how we may be of assistance to your company. You will find that we have already built up a good client base - but we are always interested in adding satisfied clients to that number.

Check out our many services - contact us and let’s get your company on the Internet with a pleasing website, or simply allow us to design a business portfolio that will be professional in every way.